This talk discusses two overlapping interests in Buchler’s recent work with language: the limitless semantic potential of language and the material and technological limitations and possibilities of working with letters and words. Taking as a starting point the historical links among cryptography, Morse code and letter frequencies, the presentation will explore the ‘message’ of such media as letterpress or the current digital language technologies of synthetic speech and Google Translate.

Pavel Buchler is a Czech-born artist, teacher and occasional writer. Awarded the Northern Art Prize 2009 and The Paul Hamlyn Award for Artists 2012, Buchler has recently exhibited at, among others, Sprengel Museum, Hannover; K21, Dusseldorf; Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; Extra City, Antwerp; CCA, Glasgow; Broad Art Museum, Michigan; Power Plant, Toronto; and Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver. A major monograph on Büchler’s work by Tommy Simoens was published this summer by Ludion, Antwerp.

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