12-13 JUNE 2018

Speculative Art School is a public programme of talks, walks, discussions, workshops, study sessions and sonic explorations that will explore provisional territories in past, present, and future thinking.

In parallel with the timetabled programme we have created a Speculative Space to engage with a compilation of thoughts, proposals, instructions, curated film programmes and reading lists from Anna Best, David Toop, Kate Lepper, Neil Chapman, Lucy Gresley, Jonathan Parsons, and Richard Layzell, to aid personal journeys into speculation. Invent your own curriculum! Register here to attend (or just turn up).


SESSION 1 | 12/06/18 | 10:00-11:30

Speculative Art School

An introduction and round-table discussion on historical and contemporary radical education models, with Jean Boyd, Sarah Bowden, Stuart Wilding, Andrew Morrison, Rachel Brant and Shiri Shalmy (Antiuniversity Now)

Room: FCH TC002A


SESSION 2 | 12/06/18 | 11:30-13:00

The Speculative Space

An opportunity to browse the compilation of speculations and proposals submitted by some of our favourite thinkers in a form of independent group study.

Sarah Bowden + writer-in-residence Lucy Gresley

Room: FCH TC002A


SESSION 3 | 12/06/18 | 13:30-15:00

Donna Haraway: Storytelling for Earthly Survival, a film by Fabrizio Terranova, 2017 (81 mins)

One of the most original and inventive thinkers of today, Haraway’s influence is felt in discussions of the Anthropocene age of climate change, of the post-human, of gender and technology, and the relation between ourselves, machines, and all earthly critters. How can we tell new stories in order to reshape our futures, stories for earthly survival? This portrait of Haraway introduces us to an acute historian of science and key feminist thinker whose ‘Cyborg Manifesto’ of 1984 continues to resonate. Shown at leading international art institutes and film festivals, this is one of few screenings in the UK of Terranova’s documentary.

Jean Boyd

Room: FCH TC002A


SESSION 4 | 12/06/18 | 15:00-16:30

Sonic Speculations and Improvisations with Charles Hayward

SAS is very excited to welcome master musician Charles Hayward (This Heat/Camberwell Now) to discuss the role of improvisation in his song-writing practice prior to his Xposed Club performance later in the evening, AND an opportunity to take part in workshop to create an improvised sonic performance.

Stuart Wilding

Room: FCH TC002A


SESSION 5 | 13/06/18 | 10:00-11:00

A Crash Course in Bad Ideas

This session will introduce some of the writers whose work we have been discussing in the Bad Ideas study group. How do we navigate the complexities of modern life, what is absent in contemporary debates, how do we resist dominant narratives? With short film clips – including Iain Chambers, Susan Sontag, John Berger, Chris Kraus, Mark Fisher, Kimberle Crenshaw, and Francoise Verges – it will be a fast moving and provocative hour.

Stuart Wilding

Room: FCH TC004


SESSION 6 | 13/06/18 | 11:30-13:30

Postcolonial Pittville Park

Join us on this evocative tour of Pittville Park with Chris Chavasse, Senior Trees Officer at Cheltenham Borough Council and Richard White. On this walk we will be considering the origins of the trees of Pittville Park, how their collection connects to ideas of Empire, and how in turn we might consider them in a postcolonial context. The walk will take place rain or shine – please wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

Sarah Bowden

Meet in FCH TC004 at 11:00 or in front of Pittville Pump Rooms at 11:30.


SESSION 7 | 13/06/18 | 14:00-15:30

What Should Artists Do?

‘Is it possible for me to do nothing as my contribution to this exhibition?’ asked Keith Arnatt, speculatively, in 1971. What if art is the ‘not-doing’ of what is expected? Artist Jessie Brennan will introduce our afternoon school with exercises in thinking differently about creativity and labour.

Jean Boyd

Room: FCH TC004


SESSION 8 | 13/06/18 | 15:30-16:30

Decolonial Graduation Tea Party

As the Class of ’18 accept their certificates of progress, we consider the products of Empire.


Room: FCH TC002 (Speculative Space)