Drawing through Time and Image takes place over two-days at Hardwick Gallery, University of Gloucestershire. This symposium has been devised and organised by artist, researcher and Fine Art MA course leader, Jack Southern.

Symposium overview

We experience an ever-increasing volume of images, at an unprecedented pace.
Our understanding of the multiple narratives portrayed through the images we experience, is further complicated by the numerous time spheres we operate within at once, fluidly moving between our physical and virtual lives; constantly connected, continually online. Within this context, does drawing as a form of capture, as an autographic record of the world around us, have more relevance than ever, harnessing a unique ability to represent and portray authentic experience, in our increasingly mediated world?

Through reflecting on our complex contemporary experience of Time, as well as our understanding of the way images communicate and inform our everyday, the Drawing through Time and Image symposium will explore a range of relevant themes within contemporary drawing practice today. The visual work, thinking processes, influences and ideas of our invited artists and speakers will form vital reference points to the themes discussed over the two days.

Symposium schedule

Session 1: Thursday 22nd March (1pm – 5pm)
Guest speakers include artists Tim Knowles (http://www.timknowles.co.uk)
and Jessie Brennan (http://www.jessiebrennan.co.uk)

Session 2: Friday 23rd March (1pm – 5pm)
Guest speakers include artists Dryden Goodwin (http://www.drydengoodwin.com)
and Barbara Walker (http://www.barbarawalker.co.uk)

Please book for each day of the symposium that you would like to attend. Due to the limited number of places, please return unwanted tickets through Eventbrite.

Additional talks/presentations by staff of the UOG School of Art and Design will include Jack Southern and Jean Boyd.

Throughout the symposium, artist/researcher, and UOG Fine Art alumni Lucy Gresley (https://www.lucygresley.com), will record and reflect on themes and ideas discussed, in her role as ‘re-searcher in residence’.