Charcoal Works is accompanied by a symposium, Deep Material Encounters, to be held at Clearwell Caves, Forest of Dean, one of the country’s oldest iron ore mines, on Friday 15th April 2016. The symposium brings together researchers and artists from across the arts and sciences to discuss ways that knowledge is developed, and perceptions altered, through encounters with particular materials, in the context of current ecological conditions.

Book your place at the symposium via the following link. There will be a coach leaving for Clearwell Caves (Coleford) from Hardwick Campus (Cheltenham) at 11.20am and arriving back at 7pm – follow instructions when booking if a place on the coach is required. (This also provides an opportunity to see the exhibition before the symposium.)

Presenters include:

Spike Bucklow is the Senior Research Scientist at the Hamilton Kerr Institute, University of Cambridge, and author of The Alchemy of Paint (2009) and The Riddle of the Image (2014).

Prof. David Dobson Professor of Earth Materials in University College London: A Short History of Iron in the Earth (and Beyond).

Dr. Ruth Siddall is a geologist at UCL who applies analytical techniques from the field of Earth Sciences to further the understanding of cultural material, primarily pigments, construction and decorative stone, ceramics and plasters.

Henrietta Simson artist and PhD researcher, Slade School of Fine Art: Into the Depths, Beyond the Screen.

Kay Tabernacle artist and PhD researcher Slade School of Fine Art: Subterranean Utterances.

Phillip Thompson artist and PhD researcher Slade School of Fine Art will present a talk on global electronic waste and the global social and environmental impact of e-waste.

Jonas Brinker, artist film: Franklin, 2014.

Chaired by Andrew Stonyer artist and chairman of the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trust, and Jo Volley artist and Senior Lecturer at the Slade School of Fine Art.