Friday 6 March 11am – 4pm


An invitation:

Currently Hardwick Gallery is a space for participatory work and collaborative making.

Over the next week, whilst continuing to make more work, you are invited to begin negotiating the process of taking down the work that has been made (rammed earth, clay wheels, drawings etc), in preparation for a closing/take down day on Friday 6 March.

You are invited to explore whether and how the work is removed, what happens to the materials and the traces of making process that are present in the gallery.

Your suggestions and ideas will become part of a non-hierarchical negotiation process. You can come into the gallery and chat, you can write down suggestions and leave them on the table or the wall, or discuss with others and communicate these ideas in the space somehow.

The residency will end with a closing day on Friday 6 March, during which all are invited to contribute to the removal and dispersal of the work, deciding what traces remain in the gallery space for future projects. Objects may be broken down, materials may be relocated and dispersed, some may remain. We will discuss the implications of leaving objects and traces in the space, visualising how these may affect future use of the gallery and work together to begin creating an open, shared space.