Continuing Hardwick Gallery’s focus on collaborative and participatory practice, during her residency Emily Joy will be developing a series of performative and co-authored ‘drawing conversations’ which explore the possibility of multiple viewpoints and continue Emily’s research into self/other, memory, imagination and empathy.

The starting point for the work will be drawings and dialogue concerned with real and imagined personal or public histories; the passing of time and the transformation of material through process; personal and environmental mourning; and projections of future events.

Participation sessions will take place on Thursdays and Fridays throughout the residency. All are welcome to take part in collaborative making, including ramming earth blocks (compressing using feet and tools), creating and altering clay wheels and adding to/altering large and small drawings. Each of these activities can be participated with through watching, discussing or physical making.

Join us for a Negotiated Ending to the project on Friday 6 March, 10am – 4pm. More details here.

Join Emily Joy in conversation with Dr EA Hodson and Alison Cockcroft Thursday 20 February, 1-4pm at Hardwick Gallery for a discussion on Land, Earth and Empathy – more details here.

Emily Joy is a visual artist making sculpture, installation and performative works. Underpinning her practice is an investigation into the subjectivity and loss that is inherent in the act of remembering and reimagining; including why and how experience is mediated by the imperfect copies of memory, language and image.

Work developed over the last 10 years has been concerned with trace, representation and the boundaries of the self; explored through investigations into the limitations of the physical body, through confrontation with material mass and through personal and technical failure.

More recently, drawing ‘conversations’ and participatory, performative pieces have expanded the personal to the plural by exploring how we understand the world, create a sense of self, and project futural imaginings. The viewer is invited to be complicit in the creation, recreation or destruction of the work through participatory acts and immersive installations which draw upon multiple personal and public narratives (Reimagining Pluto 2014, Absurd Labour 2015, Another Way to Fail 2016).

Drawings, film and participatory works realised at Mustarinda (Finland) in 2018, and Loughborough University in 2018-19 began a process of integrating personal narratives with wider social and environmental themes (Even a Stopped Wheel 2019, Untethered Series [ongoing]).


Emily Joy (UK, 1982) has a Fine Art MA from UWIC, Cardiff. She has shown in solo and group exhibitions in the UK, Germany and Finland. Emily was awarded the 2009 Darbyshire Award and has been shortlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize. Recent residencies include Mustarinda, Finland; The Mothership, Dorset; Galerie Im Palais, Germany; The Art and Culture Symposium, Germany. Projects and commissions include ‘Art and anthropology’ with Dr Elizabeth Hodson (K.F.I. project); ‘Gifts for Mother Mnemosyne’ events programme, ‘The Wanderer’s Studio’ and ‘Reimagining Pluto’ collaborative events (A.C.E. Funded). She is also half of creative partnership Periscope who provide immersive, creative public events focused on collaborative making.