09 – 27 September 2019
Exhibition open Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm

Closing Event: Friday 27 September, 3.30-5pm
Free of charge

University of Gloucestershire
Hardwick Campus
St Paul’s Rd
GL50 4BS

Hardwick Gallery is pleased to announce that Evangeline Morris and Eleanor Bell have been selected for the Graduate Residency 2019. Both artists graduated from the BA Fine Art course at the University of Gloucestershire in June.

There is an emotional register in the work of both Evangeline Morris, whose “visual conversations” with landscapes are represented through the time intensive medium of etching, and Eleanor Bell, whose drawing practice is immediate and impulsive, and is made in conversation with members of the public. Although Evie and Ellie have not previously worked together, they propose to collaborate on an experimental body of work during their three-week residency.

The residency will conclude with a viewing event and opportunity to purchase works by the artists.

This project launches Hardwick Gallery’s new focus in 2019-20 on collaborative and participatory practices. As much a method or approach as a theme, these practices ask us to consider how, where and when collaboration takes place, and how can a practice of working together provide an antidote to fracturing and isolation in the contemporary moment?

Image: Eleanor Bell, 2019; Evangeline Morris, 2019