Evangeline Morris and Eleanor Bell graduated from the BA Fine Art course at the University of Gloucestershire in June. This residency at Hardwick Gallery extends their individual practices into a visual conversation between themselves and members of the public, artists, non-artists, students, who are invited to contribute to a large scale layered print using a variety of materials and print-making techniques.

Evie and Ellie invite you to join them in creating the artwork between 16th – 25th September, from 12-2pm, weekdays only. The residency will conclude with a viewing event and opportunity to purchase works by the artists.

This project launches Hardwick Gallery’s new focus in 2019-20 on collaborative and participatory practices. As much a method or approach as a theme, these practices ask us to consider how, where and when collaboration takes place, and how can a practice of working together provide an antidote to fracturing and isolation in the contemporary moment?

Image: Eleanor Bell, 2019; Evangeline Morris, 2019