Introduction to the collection by Mike Ward: Weds 10th May, 6-8pm, Crush Hall (FCH Campus)

This exhibition in the Crush Hall cabinets presents a private collection of handmade artist edition photobooks produced by a new wave of contemporary Japanese photographers combining photography with illustration, graphic design, journalism, personal story telling and traditional bookbinding skills.

Many of the photographers have been mentored at Reminders Photography Stronghold in Tokyo a small gallery, photobook library and project space run by Yumi Goto.

The book creating process requires the production of a number of prototype or “dummy” books where design and sequence are refined, and decisions are made as to paper type, page size, binding style, cover material, etc. Produced in very limited runs where the edition number is often significant to the story being told, these works can sell out quickly or even in advance before any are completed. Some of the elaborate handmade books have been carefully reproduced by photobook publishers in trade editions produced in larger numbers.

The themes and ideas that some of these younger artists explore are prohibited through regular journalistic channels in Japan. By self-publishing they have the freedom to document and explore more controversial subjects or personal stories.


List of Works

Yoshikatsu Fuji – Red String (Trade edition of 500 limited number signed, also with tote bag) [reproduction of original handmade edition of 35 copies]

Kazuma Obara – Silent Histories (Trade edition of 1900 copies) [reproduction of original handmade edition of 45 copies ]
Kazuma Obara – Exposure (Handmade edition of 10 copies)
Kazuma Obara – 30 (Handmade edition of 86 copies 2 books and a reproduction newspaper in wooden box) (30 video) (Interview about Exposure , the small red book and the red book in the box)  (Silent Histories)

Hajime Kimura – Snowflakes Dog Man (Handmade edition of 69 copies. Three books in slipcase/box signed. Limited number with screen printed T-shirt)

Motoki – White Fang (Trade edition)
Motoki – White Fang exhibition “Off-cuts” edition (Handmade limited time edition, signed copy) (artists website) (trade edition) (off-cut edition)

Maki Hayashida – The Pacific Tourist (Handmade edition of 50, signed copy)

Mayumi Suzuki – The Restoration Will (Handmade edition of 87 copies)

Kazuya Urakawa – Tokyo Perspective (Large format handmade edition of 50, signed copy)

Hiroshi Okamoto – Recruit (Handmade edition of 147, signed copy)