Patrick Lowry’s installations examine our relationship with objects and places. Through them, he explores various forms of economic, political and cultural power. Using processes of replication and displacement, Lowry interrogates the aspects of our made environment that construct or maintain submissive or controlled positions of the user or consumer.  His work stimulates the viewer to consider the subject that is being represented, and how this subject and/or its relationship to both its physical and wider social environment might be interpreted, and what it might imply.

At Hardwick Gallery Patrick Lowry is presenting a full-size replica General Atomics MQ-1 Predator drone. He will be constructing the drone in the gallery over the first five days of the exhibition, offering visitors the opportunity to discuss and view the production process. At the exhibition launch, Patrick will be joined in discussion by author Chris Woods and Theo Price of COBRA RES, with readings of transcripts by performance artist Clare Thornton.