An exhibition of artworks produced during a year’s intensive research and practice by Hanife Yuksel, whose practice explores representations of memory in relation to the migrant’s story, and the objects that encapsulate experience.

“Memory is the glue that holds meaning together, that allows a life story to be related. When I was a child my grandfather used to tell me his immigrant story. The story is still fresh in my mind. When as a child he migrated from one country to another he brought only his wooden horse.”

Hanife Yuksel is a sculptor, born in 1979. Her B.A. in Sculpture was received from Erciyes University Faculty of Fine Arts, Turkey. Subsequent to that she attended the Post-Graduate program in sculpture at the Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts in Izmir, Turkey. In 2010 she was invited to the Accademia Belle Arti di Catania, Catania, Italy. She is currently working as a lecturer on the Faculty of Fine Arts Sculpture Department at Akdeniz University. She has been assigned for one year to the University of Gloucestershire between 2015-2016.

Hanife’s work can be found in a myriad of public and private art collections both in Turkey and abroad, and her work has been seen in exhibitions and symposium worldwide. She currently lives and works in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.