Artist and lecturer Kevin Hunt has produced an evolving list of some of the most interesting, entertaining, useful, relaxing, recommended, critically engaged and particularly GOOD online visual arts content that has been published, produced and pieced together by museums, galleries, festivals and artist-led projects; artists, designers, art writers, commissioners and curators since the Coronavirus crisis was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation on 12 March 2020 and lockdowns across Europe (and the rest of the world) commenced…

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Supported by Hardwick Gallery


Exhibitions (including screenings, film programmes, virtual projects/events and live performances):


  • Alserkal Avenueonline – From 23 March onwards

(‘Alserkal Online’ – online platform allowing you to explore 360° views of contemporary art exhibitions in Dubai, plus curated playlists and reading recommendations)


(‘Artists in Quarantine’ – ‘redeliberating the communication channels that have influenced the present perception and consumption of information, as well as rethinking the potentiality of existing spaces – contributing to the conversion about the effects of the current pandemic’ – Archived on their Instagram/Facebook)


(Sonia Levy – ‘Hafrún’ – 2-channel video screening on their website)


(‘Interruptions’ – a series of interdisciplinary performances and events that intersects the Holden Gallery’s annual programme of exhibitions – Upcoming performances by Aliyah Hussain/Barry Sykes/Freya Dooley)


(‘Together With Them She Went’ – online exhibition by Alice Walton with Anna Lucas including a special digitised version of the publication)


  • Wysing Arts Centre / Baltic / ArtQuesttv/transmissions2020/videos – 23 April – 29 May (weekly – Thursday’s 9pm / Friday’s 9am)

(‘TRANSMISSIONS’ – online programme broadcast weekly on Twitch)


  • Glasgow International – org – 23 April – 10 May (extended until 31 May)

(Digital programme following the postponement of the festival)


  • Danielle Arnaudcom – 20 April – 31 May (changing weekly)

(‘Mis(sing)-Communication’ – A six week screening programme of video and film works)


(‘A space in-between’ – online exhibition/series of screenings, workshops, readings and audio)


  • John Hansard Galleryart – 1 – 31 May

(‘How to Fly’ – ‘a video tutorial of a cormorant flying with a vision of solitude and calm’ – a new film by David Blandy viewable on the gallery website)


(‘Well Now WTF?’ – online exhibition and schedule of events)


  • Goldsmiths CCAart – March – June (changing weekly)

(’CCA STREAMS’ – a seven week programme of online artist film and special lockdown commissions)


  • Sydney Biennaleart – 14 March – 8 June

(‘Nirin Online’ – as the Biennale was forced to close after just one week, the exhibition moved online with added content including artists’ spotify playlists and webinars –


(Fully digitised exhibition including added ‘behind the scenes moments’ and curators notes)


(A new online programme of artist commissions, podcasts, films, texts, images and audio)


  • Nicoletti Contemporarycom/digital – Every Tuesday

(‘FLATTEN THE CURVE’ – Weekly online programme on their website and Instagram – )


(Live screenings of recently acquired video works on Vimeo)


  • Holt/Smithson Foundation org – Weekly (Fridays)

(Weekly streaming of films by the artists via IGTV and Vimeo – )


  • VITRINEcom – Weekly (every weekend)

(Ongoing series of email exhibitions and artist recommendations sent directly to your inbox – email to subscribe or see weekly links on their Instagram bio)


(exclusive weekly online programme of moving image works usually seen only in exhibitions)


  • Soft Spotcom – Weekly

(Curated online content whilst the artist-led space is closed)


  • Matts Galleryorg – Every two weeks

(‘MattFlix’ a fortnightly series of online projects)


  • Hotel Maria Kapelnl – Ongoing

(‘On The Line’ – a new programme exploring ways of caring and coping during the COVID-19 crisis)


(‘Picturing a Pandemic’ – series of screenings, texts and discussions considering what the history of radical and activist video practices can teach us about how to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic)


(‘HOMEWORK’ – Series of online exhibitions featuring works made in the studios and homes of artists during the sequestered days of Covid-19)


  • Art At A Time Like Thiscom – Ongoing

(Growing online exhibition curated by Barbara Pollack and Anne Verhallen)


(Curated collection of moving-image works selected by Herb Shellenberger)


(three short videos by Dan Walwin from his postponed exhibition viewable on their website and Instagram)



Artist released content (including film works and self-generated online projects etc):


(Google Maps residency by Tamara Kametani observing digital tracking initiatives used to monitor the movements of populations)


(YouTube freindly lo-res versions of the artists last 3 films available to stream until the venues that were planning to screen and exhibit them over the next few months can reopen)


(‘Lockdown thinking’ – a minute long Instagram work made for Artquest/Camden Art Centre’s ‘Peer Forum’ programme)


(Recording of Instagram live performance for TACO as part of ‘DreamsTimeFree’ book launch)


(Animated series about the lives of 2 lizards during lockdown in NYC by artist Meriem Bennani)


(Selection of complete video works on their website)


(New body of animated drawings generated during lockdown, published on the artists’ Instagram)


(‘Instagram account begun in lockdown in which an animated version of her dog offers satirical thoughts on life, the pandemic and everything’)


  • Sean Edwardscom – Ongoing

(‘UNDO THINGS DONE’ – the artists’ touring ‘Wales in Venice’ exhibition now presented online including a full version of ‘Refrain’ – a radio play written specially by Sean for his mother)


  • Will Hughes & Robbie O’ – Ongoing

(After their physical exhibition was cancelled the show moved online)


(Film developed during a recent residency with Beppu Project, Japan – the exhibition was cancelled so it is screening on her website)


(New film work featuring the artists Mum commissioned by Queens Park Railway Club)



Dialogue (including live interviews, lectures and discussions):


(‘Andy Warhol at Tate Modern – Exhibition Tour’)


(Walk through studio tour) – ALSO – – (The artists’ usually private archive, now fully accessible online for 30 days at a time)


  • Nottingham Contemporaryorg – Streamed 23 April

(CAMPUS Talk with Celine Condorelli on YouTube )


(‘10am Series’ – Daily interviews between the gallerist and artists all over the world on Instagram live and archived on YouTube )


(‘The Commons Online’ – a digital extension of their community space with events, discussions and creative content every day)


(‘Biennale of Sydney Artist Series’ – join artists in their homes where they share intimate insights into their creative life on Instagram live)


(Series of podcast conversations during lockdown as artists share their strategies and experiences through this weird time with Emma Cousin – highlights include Barry Sykes, Rose Wylie and Emma Talbot)


(‘Answers from Isolation’ – series of regular interviews with artists/curators archived on their Instagram)


(Online conversations between artists and curators archived on their YouTube channel )


  • Aspen Art Museumorg – Ongoing

(Varied online events programme whilst their building is closed including ‘Slow. Look. Live’ – ‘offering an occasion to slow down and reflect with deeper intention on artistic processes and dialogues’ on Instagram live)


(Rolling programme of in-conversation’s with artists on Instagram and YouTube live)


(Semi-regular programme of live streams and film screenings as the galleries events programme develops online)


(Online platform for artists’ publications, editions, online projects and content in the form of a fanzine, issue 3 of which is now fully published online)


(‘even my dreams don’t go outside’ – a download-only (PAID) release of new music and visual works compiled and curated by AQNB)



Learning (including workshops, activities and published texts):


(Previous 3 issues of Art Monthly available to read FREE online)


(‘An open-source digest of new activities, poetry, movement, and live events archived on their Vimeo


(‘ICA Daily’ – recommended reading, viewing, listening and more from the ICA’s curatorial team – sign up here to subscribe or see daily links in their Instagram bio)


(‘The Classroom’ – series of informal lectures, readings and screenings taking place online as the 2020 LA Art Book Fair was cancelled, now archived on their Youtube channel)


(‘Curating the Digital’ – issue 45 edited by Paul Stewart and Dorothee Richter)


(#MIMAZINA – weekly community journal made with Foundation Press, downloadable in their Instagram bio – )


  • Sandberg Instituutnl/ps-routine – 1 April – 20 May (Wednesdays)

(‘PS | Routine’ – Live-streamed activities by artists and designers on their Instagram every week)


(Weekly online events programme streaming on YouTube )


(A new series of coronavirus readings lists published once a week)


(Series of mindfulness exercises usually conducted in the gallery, now recorded as podcasts)


(‘The Growing Project Online’ – If you would like to join in, email ) – ALSO – – (Reading list of books, articles, YouTube videos and other material accompanying Jamie Crewe’s exhibition ‘Love & Solidarity’)


  • Big Shop – Ongoing (twice monthly)

(‘Matters of Interest’ – a peer-led series of Skype based research-roundtables designed to bring together  artists and designers during the current COVID-19 lockdown’ – led by Thomas Eke)


  • onestar presscom – Ongoing

(Entire back catalogue of artist books now available for FREE PDF download)


(evolving open source playlist of online experimental films & videos)


  • DRAFcom – Ongoing

(‘Study Series’ / ‘DRAF Broadcasts: On Screen’ – online programme of reading/viewing/listening)


  • Printed Matter, Incorg – Ongoing

(‘Do It Yourself / Do It Together: Bookmaking & Self-Publishing’ – new digital programme of workshops, book launches and discussions)


  • Rhubabaorg – Ongoing

(Rolling series of online writing workshops, reading groups and projects)


(Regular newsletter including podcasts on foraging and an online ‘chopping club’)


(‘May Day Reader’ – available to download here )



Technically for Children (including activities, lessons and exercises that you might like too!):


(Zine making workshops streamed on Instagram live every Wednesday afternoon)


  • #AlbersForKidsorg – Weekly

(Exercises based on the ‘Interaction of Colour’ by Joseph Albers)


(A ‘social social-distancing school’ on Instagram)


  • Sculpture Placement – Ongoing

(‘Sculptures at Home’ – series of fun ways to recreate your favourite artists works at home)



*Compiled (and updated as regularly as possible) as a resource for students (with support from many friends and colleagues) by Kevin Hunt, an artist living and working in Liverpool and a lecturer at Manchester School of Art – @sculptureartman